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Architecture & Education.

Architecture is a collective art-form, involving the expertise of many different fields. As a professor, I have always promoted imagination, inquiry and experimentation, in addition to my commitment to a culture of collaboration involving architecture, computing, environmental design and media. Architecture is constantly enriched by the traffic between theory and practice ; hence we are commited to engage the world outside the academy.

Department of Architecture Biskra

At Biskra, we are confident that our long history of a productive dialogue between academic research and practical design work will produce a new generation of architects prepared to transform our complex world in previously unimagined ways.

Means Versus Ends

Today we are working to create a cultural environment that provides students with a viable sense of self-identity and which is suited to regional and national conditions.


Futur & Challenges

It is said that success rides on time.  The department of Architecture has achieved a more than twenty-year tradition in educating and cultivating some of the finest architectural minds in addition to contributing to the development and construction of the city of Biskra.  This tradition is built on a foundation that integrates exemplary instruction, design, research and technology. 

Sense & Sustainability

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It !